Rapper Ice Spice as Betty Boop - Powerhouse - Halloween

Ice Spice received a Bible from one of her fans after her Power 105.1 Powerhouse performance on Saturday night.

In the spirit of Halloween, the 23-year-old “Munch” rapper hit the stage dressed as Betty Boop and spent most of her performance pulling down her red dress to cover her exposed crotch and glutes.

Watch a clip of the performance below.

As you can imagine, Madame Munch quickly went viral as the public reacted to her costume.

One person tweeted, “Is Ice Spice a rapper or is she a stripper????

Another person wrote, “🗑️ ….no stage presence or true talent so lemme just get naked. This was wild.”

But, everybody wasn’t mad at the Betty Boop costume.

Ice Spice stocks went up tonight good lord,” an enthusiastic gentleman tweeted.

Apparently, one of Ice Spice’s fans determined she needed a little more Jesus after her performance and gave her a Bible.

The “Princess Diana” rapper took to her Instagram Story and shared a photo of the Bible along with the caption, “Why a fan gave me a bible after the show 😂

See her original post below.

Fan gives Ice Spice a bible after her powerhouse performance

The Bible was the King James Version too! Baby, they meant business!

I have determined quite a while ago that I am not this young lady’s target audience.

Are you an Ice Spice fan?

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