Evelyn Lozada and fiance Lavon Lewis
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Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada and her “Queens Court” fiance Lavon Lewis have called off their engagement. 

‘Best As Friends’

In a joint statement to People, Evelyn and Lavon said: 

As we started to plan our future together, we began to realize that we are two different people, good people, but different. Our relationship was beautiful and we love each other but we mutually agreed that we are best as friends.

Evelyn Lozada & Lavon Lewis Got Engaged On ‘Queens Court’

Evelyn Lozada engaged Lavon Lewis - Queens Court
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Evelyn Lozada and Lavon Lewis met and fell in love on the first season of Peacock’s new reality dating series, “Queens Court.” 

The series from mega-producer Will Packer brought together 3 famous single women, Tamar Braxton, Nivea, and Evelyn, and followed their journey of dating 21 confident and successful suitors in hopes of finding true love.

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Lavon, who is a marketing firm cofounder, and Evelyn, appeared to be a match made in heaven. 

Evelyn announced their engagement in March, the very same day “Queens Court” premiered on Peacock.

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Despite their engagement, the couple acknowledged early on that distance would be a challenge. 

Evelyn Lozada lives in Los Angeles and Lavon was settled in Atlanta with his teenage son.

Ultimately, the “Basketball Wives: LA” admitted the long distance took a toll on their relationship.

Things went so fast. Six months later we were engaged, and I just felt a little bit of a disconnect. And the distance he lives in Atlanta, that was another thing that was really, really difficult. 

He has a son that is, I believe, in his first year of high school or going to high school. It was a lot of moving parts and it just started becoming difficult, and I was just like, ‘I don’t want to keep this going just for the world.

Evelyn Lozada, who was previously married to Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, shared that the rushed process of dating on the show didn’t allow her to take her time with Lavon, and planning a wedding gave her anxiety.

Everything’s going fast. You’re asking 1,000,001 questions when you’re dating these different guys on the show. And we tried to spend as much time as we could. He would travel here to L.A. at least once a month.

When I was married before, I was a newlywed and a divorcée at the same time. I divorced 42 days later. So, I didn’t know that I was going to have anxiety about getting married again.

I feel like it’s deep-rooted. I feel, like, definitely connected to that incident, that marriage, which I’ve done therapy for. But now, it’s kind of like I’m digging this back up, the whole wedding. And that was hard. It was a difficult time for me.

I got married on [the] 4th of July, and by the time August came, I was already filing for divorce.

Lavon Lewis hasn’t done much talking in the press or on social media about his breakup with Evelyn Lozada.

But, he did share her Instagram Story where Evelyn talked about how they are still very good friends and will always have love for each other. 

While their love story may have come to an end in real life, parts of it are still playing out on “Basketball Wives” Season 11. 

The cast of “Basketball Wives: LA” Season 11 includes Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Brittany Renner, Brooke Bailey, Jac’Eil, Jennifer Williams, Vanessa Rider, and Shaunie O’Neal (Henderson).

Basketball Wives LA Season 11 Cast photo
Basketball Wives Season 11 (VH1)

Ironically, the news of Evelyn Lozada and Lavon Lewis calling off their engagement comes almost three weeks after JR Robinson announced he ended his engagement with Tamar Braxton

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