Erykah Badu Says She Wears Hats To Keep Men From Looking In Her Eyes & Falling In Love

Did you know the reason why Erykah Badu wears hats is to prevent men from looking into her eyes and falling in love?

The Vogue Magazine cover girl recently appeared on the “Tamron Hall Show.”

During the interview, Erykah Badu talked about the strong circle of women who raised her, the enjoyment she gets from being a birth and a death Doula, which she referred to as the welcoming and ushering committees, and her indescribable power to make people instantly fall in love.

Tamron Hall questioned Erykah about the urban legend that men can’t look her in the eye without falling in love, and she responded:

That’s why I try to wear a, you know, hat.

Because I!… I don’t know what’s happening. 

I just, you know…

Erykah says her indescribable power also applies to women, children, and animals.

…Women too!… And children and animals…

Any living breathing thing…

I think it’s indescribable, and the bedroom, that’s not where you’re going to find it because my magic doesn’t lie between my thighs it lies between my ears.

Watch the clip of the Erykah Badu interview from the” Tamron Hall Show” below:

Erykah constantly dropped mental jewels throughout the interview, and the audience was completely engaged.

She revealed that she is 51 years old, and she shared some of her self-care regimens.

Watch the other clips from the exclusive interview below:

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