Erica Mena has admitted to ruining Safaree’s exclusive sneaker collection in new legal documents.

In the documents, she says she sent Safaree $4000 to cover some of the cost of the damaged sneakers, but Safaree estimates the damage to be $30,000.

According to Safaree, Erica poured bleach on his sneakers and cut the laces.

This is a sin in the sneakerhead community.

The incident occurred while Erica was 8 months pregnant and 2 days after the incident, she filed for divorce.

In the documents, Erica Mena blamed her actions on “numerous acts of infidelity.”

Watch the beginning of the video below of Safaree showcasing his sneaker collection and talking about their sentimental value.

The drama between these two seems to be never-ending. Hopefully, the birth of their second child will bring some peace to their lives.

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Source: TMZ