Three of Ezekiel Elliott’s dogs have been caught on surveillance video leaving his home and allegedly attacking a neighbor.

The three dogs are in the photo below:

In the video, you don’t see the actual attack, but you do see the dogs leaving the property and shortly after you hear a female voice screaming and begging.

Watch the video below:

According to court documents, Ace and two of Ezekiel’s other dogs escaped the home through a gate left open by a landscaper on May 20 and allegedly caused chaos throughout the neighborhood.

One man claimed Ace and his crew attacked him and left him with injuries to his hand, wrist, forearm, thigh, and leg.

A female neighbor said she found the dogs in the street and brought them to her backyard to keep them safe, but they attacked her.

She said she suffered injuries to her finger, forearm, thigh, and stomach, and she claimed her surveillance cameras captured the attack.

She sued Ezekial over the incident.

Ezekiel’s attorney Frank Salzano released the following statement over the weekend related to the surveillance video footage:

Mr. Elliott and his representatives are aware of the lawsuit filed on July 30th, which stems from a previously reported incident from May 21st of this year.  

As Mr. Elliott expressed at that time, he was – and remains concerned – for the party involved.

However, as in most disputes, there are extenuating circumstances to this matter which will impact the legal proceedings which we are not at liberty to disclose.  

As such, we have no further comment at this time.

Ezekiel Elliott was issued three citations from the May 20 incident, and Ace was to be ousted from the city.

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Source: TMZ