Erica Banks Reveals Why She Only Dated Rapper Finesse2Tymes For Two Weeks

Who Erica Banks is dating is often a topic of discussion. During a recent appearance on the “Black Girl Stuff” podcast the “Buss It” rapper revealed why she only dated Finesse2Tymes for two weeks.

When asked why the relationship was so short, Erica implied that she wasn’t getting pleased sexually.

It didn’t do it for me, you know?…

Now it may do it for other women, you know, but it just wasn’t working out for me.

So I had to move on to other things.

Erica Banks later expounded on what else was missing from the relationship.

…I’m thinking we speaking in terms of just sex, but just, you know, him as a person I guess he’s just I guess not my cup of tea.

You know, so he didn’t come with things that I personally look for in a man.

And, you know, maybe he might be the perfect fit for somebody else, but for what I was looking for, he had absolutely none of it.

Watch a clip of the Erica Banks interview from the “Black Girl Stuff” podcast below:

Who is Erica Banks signed to?

Erica Banks signed to 1501 Certified Entertainment in April 2019 after playing a snippet of her song “Buss It” for the label’s CEO.

After releasing four mixtapes under 1501 Certified Entertainment, the full-length version of her song “Buss It” became a viral trend on TikTok, which landed her a deal with Warner Records in January 2021.

Erica Banks is slated to be a new cast member on the upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” premiering on Tuesday, June 13th.

“Back End” rapper Finesse2Tymes is from Memphis, Tennessee and he’s currently signed to Atlantic Records.

He was released from jail on July 1, 2022, after serving nine years on gun charges.

As a rapper, he is known for his distinct voice and motivational messages in his music.

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