Van Lathan - Emmanuel Acho

Emmanuel Acho is getting flamed-broiled like a Burger King Whopper in the streets of Twitter following his dispute with Van Lathan.

The former NFL baller, who is now the host of “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” is heavily criticized for being too accommodating in his conversations with white people.

Emmanuel was a recent guest on the “Higher Learning” podcast with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay and to say things went left is an understatement.

When Rachel asked him about his accommodating convos, Emmanuel responded:

I have the privilege and luxury of not having generational trauma because my parents were born in Nigeria.

My method is removing some of the sting because I don’t have that sting and trying to deliver a message in a manner that people can receive it. 

Van was visibly rubbed the wrong way by Emmanuel’s “generational trauma” remark.

Watch the interview below. 

Following the interview, Van and Emmanuel carried their energy to the streets of Twitter. 

Van tweeted a clip of the interview with the caption: 

.@EmmanuelAcho I’m not sure what you intended to convey by stating your Nigerian background frees you of  “generational trauma” and takes the “sting” out of your convos with white people. But it feels like your purposefully othered yourself from the descendants of slaves. Why?

Emmanuel Acho accused Van Lathan of setting him up and manipulating his friendship with Rachel. 

He also posted a copy of the email that outlined their proposed talking post for his interview. 

The caption read:

Van, the entire conversation was a public set up. Your producers lured me into committing by misleading me about the topics of “conversation.

You manipulated my relationship w/ Rachel in order to publicly air your grievances as opposed to preparing me for a productive dialogue.

Van popped off on Emmanuel writing: 

I don’t give a f**k about any of that. Sincerely. If ur not prepared to discuss things you’ve said publicly then you shouldn’t do interviews.

I haven’t posted any clips until now, and that’s BECAUSE you’re Rachel’s friend. You said I reached, I posted proof I didn’t. If people aren’t f**king with what you said, so be it.

See all of the tweets below. 

Emmanuel Acho is getting flamed in the streets of Twitter.

Read the tweets below.

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