Ebony K. Williams Pulls Receipts On Nene Leakes After She Denies Knowing Her

Eboni K. Williams recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and pulled receipts to show that NeNe Leakes does know who she is.

Earlier in the week, NeNe appeared on the popular morning show and threw some shade at the Housewives franchise by calling it “starless.”

NeNe made the point that many of the women on the show may be known, but she wouldn’t consider them famous or stars.

When Eboni K. Williams of “The Real Housewives Of New York” name was brought up Nene said:

I don’t know her either.

Now is she famous or is she known?…

Eboni K. Williams is a lawyer, and she was the first Black woman on “RHONY.”

When Eboni appeared on “The Breakfast Club” a few days later, she brought her phone on the show, and she let DJ Envy read the DMs that NeNe Leakes sent to her, asking if she was still on the show.

Eboni said she found NeNe’s comments to be interesting because they had what she felt was a “very lovely chat” after she responded to NeNe in her DMs.

And then she proceeded to call per my instruction or invitation rather, and we had… a very lovely chat!…

Absolutely!… So, I’m not sure what was meant when she came on this beloved program and said, ‘I don’t know her.’

That’s just factually not true. 

So, but I want to say this… that’s just a lie, okay!

So you do know me Nene, and you do know that I was the first and only Black housewife.

In fact I was named in Nene’s legal complaint.

I am actually a named person as an example of the racial discrimination that she alleged Bravo of participating in.

She cites my example, what I went through with Ramona on camera.

So, yeah, the court documents say you do know me Nene.

Eboni said she agrees with NeNe on the broader point of being known and famous.

Eboni brought up the term Bravolebrity, which she defined as if you were not a known individual, but for being a ‘housewife.’

She also credited NeNe for transcending “Housewives” as a genre and her becoming famous beyond reality TV.

Watch the clip from “The Breakfast Club” interviews with NeNe Leakes and Eboni K. Williams below:

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