NBA Youngboy Expresses Remorse Over His Lyrics & Vows To Stop Promoting Violence In His Music

In a very insightful Billboard interview, NBA Youngboy expressed remorse over his lyrics, and he vowed to stop promoting violence in his music.

The 23-year-old rapper told the publication:

I think I grew out of liking music. Like, the love for it.

But, it’s like, it’s therapy, it’s the only way I can express myself.

As I sit down behind the mic and just let things flow out of my mouth I feel relieved.

Man, I was flooded with millions of dollars from the time I was 16 all the way to this point in my life, and I woke up one morning, I was like, ‘Damn, they got me!’

Man, look at the sh*t I spoke about, look at the sh*t I put in these people ears.

Man, I feel very wrong about a lot of things.

How many lives I actually am responsible for when it comes to my music?

How many kids and people have gotten in the car or put this sh*t in their ears and actually hurt someone?

And now I’m sitting back, like damn, I can’t do it all in one day, but I promise to clean whatever I can clean, but it’s gonna take time.

NBA Youngboys’ music has been streamed over 10 billion times.

His take-home pay from artist and publishing streaming royalties averaged between $8.7 million and $13.4 million annually over the last three years, based on Billboard estimates.

Youngboy has been under house arrest in Utah since October 2021 for a weapons charge.

He is known for recording massive amounts of music at an astounding rate, and he is maintaining that reputation while under house arrest.

Youngboy expressed the love he had for his grandmother and described her as his angel and his protector.

He admitted that everything changed inside of him when she passed.

He also talked about his fear of people and his outlook on the future of his career.

I’m not famous. I don’t think about it.

I just have a lot of people that know me I guess.

I’m terrified of people. I am very scared of people.

Like, on my kids, I am terrified of people, and I am very shy.

But I never know why once I walk on the stage, I can get it done and leave, but I am terrified of people.

People are cruel. 

It’s like, you can’t control ourself… so you never know what someone will do you.

…I always wanted to be a rapper. 

This was always my dream. 

I never had a plan B. 

This is what I was set on becoming and that’s what it was.

You can’t be on top forever, you know?…

It’s always can be another… artist, but there’ll never be another Youngboy.

I will not be provoked. 

I will not be broken, and I’m not going back to where I use to be.

Accepted or not, I ain’t going back.

I’ll only get more groovy from here.

Watch the NBA Youngboy Billboard interview below:

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