Comedian Earthquake Credits Dave Chappelle For Putting Him On His First Major Comedic Platform

Comedian Earthquake credits Dave Chappelle for giving him his first major platform to showcase his talent, as a comedian on “Chappelle’s Home Team.,” Dave’s 4-part Netflix stand-up comedy series.

He called me up… Matter of fact, he had the president of Netflix call me and said, ‘Dave wants your number because he wants to produce your special.’

I thought that they were pranking me. I thought it was a prank call.

So I said, ‘Yes, take my call and give him my number.’

He called and said I want to produce your special, and it was a game changer.

Earthquake explained how Dave moves more like a rapper and less like a comedian in the sense of he doesn’t mind putting other comedians on.

Dave hang around rappers. Comedians don’t do what rappers do.

Rappers put other rappers on, they put them on a feature, they produce their albums in the future of CDs.

Comedians get through the door a lot of times and just say, ‘I’m the last funny person you need to know.’

Dave will be executive producing “Chappelle’s Home Team,” and he will be recording the intros for the comedians.

Earthquake will be the lead off comedian, and his special, “Legendary,” will air on February 28.

He revealed that “Legendary” will be the first major comedic platform of his 30-year career.

To be honest with you, this is my first major platform for my talent, for the world to get to be seen.

I wasn’t blessed enough to have “Comic View,” “Def Jam,” and everything else.

So, that being said, I’m on the pulse of everything going on because I’m an everyday touring comedian for 30 years.

I never had a tv show, I’ve never had my own movie, I never had that.

Watch the videos below:

Dave Chappelle is a special human.

Don’t forget to support Dave and Earthquake on February 28.

Source: TMZ

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