Comedian Earthquake Says Despite What Women Say They Prefer Bad Boys over Good Guys (Video)

Comedian Earthquake believes women prefer the drama of a bad boy over the normalcy of a good guy because they will easily get bored with the good guy.

According to Earthquake, women don’t want nice guys, or “succotashes” as he calls them, who they can run over and get whatever they want.

They need a bad boy who’s going to give them some drama and challenge their female intuition.

Earthquake voiced his opinion during a segment on “The Real” as a guest co-host.

And, Loni Love thought his take was hilarious, Garcelle Beauvais agreed with him, and Adrienne Bailon disagreed with him.

Adrienne took the stance that all nice guys aren’t pushovers, and they can be just as cool and adventurous as the bad boys.

Watch the video below:

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