Odell Beckham Jr and Lauren Wood welcome baby Zynd

What a time to be alive for Odell Beckham Jr. – not only is he a Super Bowl Champ, but he’s also a brand new dad!

The football star, who is recovering from knee surgery, took to social media on Wednesday to announce the birth of baby Zynd, his first child with his model girlfriend, Lauren Wood.

Read the lengthy post below.

Man man man. Where do I even begin? This is as real as it gets.

This last week has been one that I truly could never forget. I had never been more prepared and focused for a game in my life, I was ready to go nuclear and perform at the highest level that I ever had in my career.

I knew it and I felt it in my soul, I was in my biggggest bag n nothin was goin to stop me. I reallly mean that!! I was ON.

Motivated, determined, and eyes set on a goal that I promised to myself and this team from the moment I decided to be an LA Ram.

Safe to say those were my plans and not Gods. I kno there’s purpose in all of this and it may seem that this journey has come to an end but it’s really just a door opening to a new beginning. Starting it off, as a WORLD CHAMPION.

2-17-22, 0605. THE biggest blessing I’ve ever had in my life arrived here on earth!

The words, I can’t even put together for the overwhelming emotions that ran thru me … a moment I will never forget and cherish forever.

Zydn was born n at that moment I knew my life changed for the better. Lauren Wood, u changed my life forever and delivered the most beautiful gift of all… EFFORTLESSLY!

Ur strength throughout this gives me the courage to keep goin because i now kno with u by my side and holding it down for me, I can get thru anything.

I love u so much. And so the journey continues; 2-22-22; the stars are all aligned; surgery was a success.

Like I’ve said all along “IT WAS WRITTEN.” Im just sticking to the script and seeing where God will take me. Honestly I’ve been through so much to get to where im at.. I duggg deep, and figured out a lot about myself along the way.

If there’s one thing I can take from all the work and growth, it is that I AM as resilient as they come. Too much heart to not keep walkin in faith! Lol I kno yall probably tired of hearing me say this every year now “this my year” BUT IM GON BE BACK!!!

U better believe imma be back , and imma be back better than ever before. I mean that Shxt from the bottom of my heart.

Filled wit LOVE and gratitude.

I wanna thank u all for the love and support, this is not the end; but only the beginning to everything I’ve ever dreamed of. LUV

See his original post below along with a few photos of the happy family.

Congratulations to Odell Beckham Jr. and Lauren Wood on their bundle of joy!

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