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CHICAGO FIRE -- Season: 10 -- Pictured: Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden -- (Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC)

In an exclusive report by Deadline, it’s been revealed that Eamonn Walker, a longstanding original cast member of “Chicago Fire,” is stepping back from his regular role on the hit NBC series after 12 seasons playing Wallace Boden.

The decision was reportedly Walker’s own, amidst recent cast changes in OneChicago.

Despite his departure from regular duties, sources indicate that the Boden character is still part of the show’s fabric and Walker is expected to return in a recurring capacity in the future.

Fans can anticipate more clarity regarding Boden’s storyline and future plans in the Season 12 finale titled “Never Say Goodbye,” airing on May 22.

Boden, who has been on a short leave of absence due to personal family matters, will make a significant impact on the race for Deputy Commissioner in the finale.

CHICAGO FIRE – Eamonn Walker as Chief Wallace Boden – (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)

On “Chicago Fire,” Wallace Boden has been a pivotal character, starting as Battalion Chief of Battalion 25 and earning promotions to higher ranks over the seasons.

His potential promotion to Deputy Fire Commissioner could signal a new chapter for the series, potentially impacting screen time for other characters like Severide.

Eamonn Walker’s extensive career spans over four decades across TV, stage, and film.

Apart from his role on “Chicago Fire,” he’s known for his portrayal of Kareem Saïd in the HBO series “Oz,” as well as roles in “ER” and Cadillac Records.

Chicago Fire” is produced by Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studios Group.

Eamonn Walker’s departure marks a significant transition in the series, leaving fans curious about what lies ahead for the beloved character and the show’s dynamic.

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Source: Deadline

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