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It was all good two weeks ago for Dwayne Haskins, but since he violated NFL COVID-19 protocol by not wearing a mask at a party it’s been all downhill.

The Washington Football Team (WFT) released a statement today releasing Dwayne Haskins of his services.

Haskins never lived up to expectations after being drafted by the WFT in 2019, but he became the starter after Alex Smith got hurt this season.

Instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to showcase his talent, and show that he can handle the responsibility of being a starter.

Haskins decided to go to a party mask-less after a week 15 loss to the Seattle Seahawks violating NFL COVID-19 protocol. He was stripped of his captainship and fined $40,000 by his team.

He was given the chance to redeem himself Sunday and keep his team in the playoff hunt by defeating the Carolina Panthers, but Haskins played horrible he threw two interceptions and he had one lost fumble which led to him being benched in the 4th quarter.

The Carolina Panthers won the game 20-13, and Dwayne was unavailable to the post-game media.

I believe Dwayne realized the writing was on the wall after his performance.

He released a statement today taking full responsibility for his actions and taking his release from the team as a learning experience that will help him grow as a man and football player.

Hopefully, Dwayne gets his priorities in order and is able to get back on an NFL roster.

Source: Bleacher Report

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