Young Thug says the darnedest things!

Less than a month after he disrespected André 3000, he’s speaking recklessly about another Hip Hop icon…JAY Z.

During an appearance on the “Million $ Worth of Game” podcast, the Atlanta rapper confidently said he has 30-40 records that an entire stadium could sing along to.

Then, his brain paused and his mouth went on autopilot as he went on to say JAY Z does not.

….we talking about anthems. We talking about songs they know…when I perform, I got 30…40 songs the whole stadium gone know! They gone know these muthaf**kers – all 30 songs! 

N***a, JAY Z ain’t got 30 songs like that! What the whole stadium fitna sing!

When Gillie Da Kid pumped his brakes, Thugga began walking his comments back with the quickness!

I’m just saying like I know he do…he probably got 50 of them b**ches! I’m not literally saying him. I’m just saying like n***as who you thinking the man….

Watch the clip below:

Young Thug sounded just like Rick James talking about Eddie Murphy’s couch.

You know the streets of Twitter were ablaze as folks reacted to Thugga’s latest tomfoolery.

Peep the tweets:

I’m leaving Young Thug in 2020.