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Here we go again…the Washington Football Team backup QB Dwayne Haskins is the most recent football player to be pulled up on that NFL COVID-19 protocol violation screen.

Dwayne Haskins was caught by a Twitter investigator (@DCBarno) Sunday night at a strip club mask-less which is a direct violation of the NFL COVID-19 protocol.

I’m unclear as to how the Dwayne Haskins party of 5 fan club all wearing his #7 jersey relates to the incident.

The Washington Football Team is reportedly working with the NFL and plan to handle the situation internally.

According to NFL Coronavirus protocol, patronizing a nightclub without proper PPE is “High-Risk COVID-19 Conduct” punishable with a fine of one week’s salary or up to a four-game suspension.

Haskins has apologized for his actions since the team became aware from social media post on Monday.

I want to publicly apologize for my actions this past Sunday. I spoke with Coach Rivera yesterday and took full accountability for putting the team at risk. It was irresponsible and immature of me and I accept responsibility for my action.

I also want to apologize for creating a distraction for my team during our playoff push. I will learn and grow from this and do what’s best for the team moving forward.”

Haskins picked the wrong time to add unwarranted pressure on himself as his team is on the verge of clinching their division this weekend against the Carolina Panthers. Haskins has been the starting QB since Alex Smith went down with a calf strain.

I don’t know when these athletes are going to learn that the Twitter PIs and the Instagram investigators are always watching, and snitching is in their DNA.

If Dwayne Haskins is able to defeat the Panthers and clinch the division I’m sure this incident will quickly be forgotten, but if he loses he will have to suffer from his bad decision a little while longer.

Source: The Washington Post