Abby Lee Miller, the Abby Lee Dance Company founder, recently vented on “ET” about the “Dance Moms” who distanced themselves from her.

I don’t know how you don’t give credit to someone.

They all, all of them, all the kids, all the moms, act as if I had nothing to do with the show nor my studio.

Well, my friend John Carolla created the show, it was his idea.

When he saw my kids and met them in Vegas.

So, I don’t know how this would have happened in another dance studio.

Without my building and my studio and them flying into Pittsburgh.

They interviewed not auditioned, keep that in mind, they interviewed 30 families for the show.

27 were my students at my studio, two were friends of mine, that had little boys that I thought were hilarious.

And one was Kathy, who was also a colleague of mine.

So if they would’ve gone to another studio down the street or an hour away from me how would they have even known about it?

And the kids block it out and they forget.

‘And, oh it was toxic blah blah blah.’

Well, let’s go back to Pittsburgh I’ll show you the house you used to live in, and then we’ll go see the house you live in now.

You remember that… happening?

You remember those bags of money you were bringing home, yeah.

I’ll remind you of what it was.

Dance Moms” the show lasted for eight seasons.

In June 2016, Abby pleaded guilty to felony bankruptcy fraud.

In 2018, Abby was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Watch the video below:

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