Draymond Green Responds To Stephen A. Smith's Instagram Critique Of His Play In The NBA Finals

Draymond Green wasted no time responding to Stephen A. Smith’s Instagram critique of his gameplay so far in the NBA Finals, even though Green has a pivotal game tomorrow.

Game 4 of the NBA Finals is on Friday night (June 10) in Boston, and Draymond Green’s performance for the Golden State Warriors so far has come under fire from many sports media outlets.

On Thursday (June 9), Stephen A. Smith posted a segment from ESPN’s “First Take” of him going in on Draymond Green for only scoring 2pts. last night in Game 3, and for him only showing up in one of the three games in the series so far.

And to make sure Draymond saw it, Stephen A. tagged him in the post.

Watch the original IG post below:

For those that may not know, this is typical Stephen A. Smith behavior, but for Draymond to be so quick on the response when his Warriors team is down 2-1 in the series is a little alarming.

See Draymond’s response below:

As a Warriors fan, Stephen A.’s IG post should be the last thing on Draymond’s mind.

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