Virginia Senator Amanda Chase Forced To Sit In Plexiglass Box Because She Refuses To Wear A Mask

Virginia State Senator, Amanda Chase, who calls herself “Trump in heels,” has been forced to sit in a plexiglass box during session meetings because she refuses to wear a face mask.

Chase is reportedly taking her cube isolation seating arrangement in stride, she told news outlets that “she appreciates the freedom to breathe” and she references her plexiglass cubicle as her “square of freedom.”

Perhaps she should start calling herself “Trump in a cube.”

Chase announced she was running for Governor a year ago, but her track record is super messy.

She wore a holstered .38 handgun on the senate floor, she is known for making controversial comments, she cursed out a Capitol police officer over a parking dispute, and she called rape victims “naive and unprepared.”

Last month she was censored by the state senate and stripped of committee assignments for calling the Capitol rioters “patriots.”

See the news report below:

The sad thing is the polls show that she has strong support to win the gubernatorial election.

Hopefully, the rational citizen of Virginia will vote and not allow Amanda Chase and her antics to prosper.

Source: Mediaite

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