Former UFC fighter Cat Zingano is suing Halle Berry for allegedly promising her a role in her Netflix film, Bruised. But, she says the Oscar-winning actress gave her bad advice that made her ineligible for role.

According to the lawsuit, Cat met Halle in 2019 to talk about her directorial debut Netflix movie, Bruised.

Cat said that Halle told her that she would be perfect for the project, and she told her to keep her schedule clear because production would be starting soon.

During that time, Cat says the UFC called her about a big fight offer. 

According to the legal documents, Cat said Halle advised her to pass on the fight if she still was interesting in being in the film, due to liability concerns from the movie’s insurer.

Cat claims she thought long and hard about the decision, and she decided to follow Halle’s advice.

She turned down the fight, and the UFC released her from her contract.

The lawsuit states, that when Cat told Halle she was released from her UFC contract because she turned down the fight, Halle told her she couldn’t be a part of the movie because she was no longer a UFC fighter.

According to Cat, she was told the movie could only work with UFC fighters.

Cat is now a Bellator fighter, the 2nd best MMA league under the UFC, and she claims Halle will no longer communicate with her.

Cat Zingano is suing for damages, and Halle’s team has yet to respond to the allegations.

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Source: TMZ


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