Disneyland California has a special treat this year for Marvel fans, their new Avengers campus opening June 4.

The campus occupies 6 acres of land inside the Disneyland California Adventure Park, and you may bump into Wakanda Warriors, Spiderman, or Doctor Strange among others as you explore the campus.

Brent Strong is the mastermind behind the design of the campus, which took four years to build.

According to Brent, every corner of the campus was designed to make the guests feel like heroes.

Every corner of Avengers campus is filled with cutting edge technology and classical illusions to help all of our guest just feel like  a hero.

There is also a restaurant on campus where food scientist John State has implemented Antman & The Wasp innovations to work in the food lab.

Since Disneyland California Adventure Park reopened, it has been exclusive to inter-state residents, but on June 15 the park will be open to everyone.

Watch the GMA 1st look at the Avengers campus in the video below:

I’m sure the Avengers campus will be filled with guest tomorrow (June 4) for the public grand opening and throughout the summer.

I’ve just added it to my bucket list.