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One thing is for certain – Sharon Palmer does not play when it comes to her daughter, Keke, and rightfully so.

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“Keke Mama” is currently trending on X (formerly Twitter) as people react to leaked audio of the multi-hyphenate’s mother reading Darius Jackson for filth after he allegedly trespassed and got into Keke’s home asking for their son, Leodis.

Ms. Sharon was reading Darius and his entire family like she was from the “Reading Rainbow School of LeVar Burton.”

She dragged Darius, his mother, and his brother, Sarunas Jackson, and called them everything but a child of God.

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Usher and Keke Palmer

But, it was the unexpected stray bullets that Usher caught during Sharon Palmer’s rant that really caught folks by surprise.

You may recall that a point of contention in Keke Palmer’s relationship with Darius Jackson was when she attended Usher’s Las Vegas residency and was serenaded by the R&B superstar.

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During her rant, Keke’s mama said Usher was “gay” multiple times and berated Darius for “not understanding the business.”

As the telephone confrontation continued, Sharon Palmer added, “Usher is bisexual. He sleeps with men.”

Mama Sharon said a number of other wildly inappropriate things during the call that she did not know was being recorded.

Listen below.

It’s obvious Sharon was livid and saying anything to protect her daughter from the man who has harmed her.

Read a few Twitter reactions below.

Keke Palmer has obtained a restraining order against Darius Jackson and she has been granted temporary full physical and legal custody of her 8-month-old son.

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Hopefully, Sharon Palmer will be able to rest better knowing her daughter and grandson are safe.

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