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Welp. It looks like Anita Baker is back on her BS and Babyface was the collateral damage. 

The legendary R&B crooner, who is performing a few concert dates with the songstress, took to social media on Wednesday evening to apologize because he was not allowed to perform.

Apparently, the diva “needed space and time” to sing her tunes. 

Babyface wrote via Instagram:

I am truly sorry to my fans who have been waiting for us to this the stage this evening at the Prudential Center.

I was asked not to perform in order to give Ms. Baker her space and time to perform her show in its entirety.

My band and I are extremely saddened we didn’t get to perform for y’all tonight.

See his original post below. 

Babyface apology Anita Baker concert Prudential Center Newark New Jersey

Apparently, what had happened was the entire show was behind schedule. 

The doors opened at 6 p.m, but concertgoers weren’t even admitted to the seating area until almost 8 p.m. for a 7:00 p.m. show.

Two hours later, (9:00 p.m.) Babyface nor Anita Baker had hit the stage to sing or even hum their timeless tunes. 

That’s when the announcement was made that Babyface would not be performing due to “technical difficulties.” 

Once Anita hit the stage and began her set, she apologized for the technical difficulties and then asked Live Nation if they apologized to the concertgoers.

Stephanie Mills entered the chat to share her two cents on the situation and extended an offer for Babyface to tour with her.

The living legend wrote:

We have got to be better than this! I am saddened by the fact that you have to make this statement. One would think as older artist who are considered “Iconic” and or “Legendary” we would treat each other with respect and dignity. @Babyface We can tour together.

See Stephanie’s original tweets below.

Stephanie Mills tweet Anita Baker - Babyface

The streets of Twitter are talking about the tomfoolery at the show. 

One person wrote, “My mom went to the Anita Baker/Babyface concert tonight in Newark with the tix I got her, and she’s saying Babyface isn’t performing and Anita is late. People are leaving and all she’s telling me.”

Another person tweeted, “Listen, I’ve never had a bad concert experience and I didn’t expect the first one to be Anita Baker and Babyface.”

Read a few more tweets below regarding the Anita Baker and Babyface show at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Listen! Everybody doesn’t deserve your hard-earned money. 

If I were Babyface, I would tell Anita Baker she can KMA on “Two Occasions!”

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