BBL Kids Halloween Costume Receives Backlash On Social Media

The video viral video of a little girl in a kid’s BBL Halloween costume has sparked outrage on social media.

In the video, a young girl, who appears to be a Preschooler (3-5 years old), is wearing a post-op BBL costume complete with an IV stand.

She is walking with a little boy, who appears to be her age, whom people have dubbed her sugar daddy.

Both kids are assisted by adult guardians as they walk through what appears to be a shopping mall.

The visual is disturbing because they are young kids emulating a very adult circumstance.

Watch the video below of the kids BBL Halloween costume reposted by Lil Duval:

Many people were outraged by the costume and they vented their frustrations in the comments.

BBL kids costume comment 1.
BBL kids costume comment 2.
BBL costume comment 3.
BBL costume comment 4.

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