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Diamond Drops Texts & Video From Lil Scrappy After He Said He Don’t Want Her

Lil Scrappy and Diamond via Instagram

2024 is coming at Lil Scrappy fast after the rapper and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star said he doesn’t want Diamond and she dropped receipts that say otherwise.

Carlos King released a teaser for his forthcoming interview with Diamond and she isn’t holding anything back when it comes to Erica Dixon, Bambi, and her homie/lover/friendship with Scrappy.

Watch the teaser below. 

As blog sites began to share the spicy teaser, Scrappy slid into the comments writing, “Somebody mad cause scrap Dnt wanna be with them 😂.

Diamond responded by writing, “@reallilscrappy 🤣let’s correct that I don’t want you 😭DONT MAKE ME POST RECEIPTS‼️

As promised, Diamond took to her Instagram feed with her CVS receipts. 

Exhibit A is a text on Christmas morning from Lil Scrappy to Diamond that read, “Merry Xmas baby I love you enjoy your life Be happy and love on your son and I got u something too but be blessed see u soon.”

Exhibit B was a video message attached to Exhibit A. 

Exhibit C is a text exchange where Diamond appears to be upset about the video of Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon in a pool together. 

The caption on Diamond’s post reads, “Correction, I don’t want Scraps‼️ Receipt #1 for the rest Tune In to Lhhatl each & every Tuesday on MTV.”

See her original post below.

I would like to enter Exhibit D of Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy in the jacuzzi below.

Let me find out Momma Dee‘s son putting the dizz-nie-yee on these women!

But, just to be on the safe side… Lil Scrappy should tap out before more receipts hit the timeline.

Diamond is out for blood.

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