A Detroit woman took matters into her own hands after her Mercedes Benz was stolen. 

For two days, Bianca Chambers tracked her car through the city until she finally found it in the parking lot of a barbershop. 

The thief was inside getting his dreadlocks twisted. 

Bianca decided she was not letting the thief get away again. 

So, she walked inside the shop and swooped down on him. 

The men in the shop intervened on Bianca’s behalf and at one point they dragged the thief out by his dreadlocks.

Detroit Police say they have responded to four 911 calls from Bianca Chambers as she tracked her car using social media. 

But, by the time the police arrived, the thief was gone.

Well, not this time, because Biance went outside and slashed all four tires of her car to avoid the thief making a getaway.

To add insult to injury, after her Mercedes Benz was stolen, the thief made a pit stop at the strip mall where she owns a shop. 

But, that’s not all…the thief had the car detailed. 

“They was driving, they was having a good time, they was smoking but, yes, when I got my car, it was very clean,” Bianca said.

Watch the unbelievable news report below.

I’m happy Bianca was able to get her car back.

I am even more happy she was not harmed in the process of doing so. 

Source: Fox 2 Detroit

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