NeNe Leakes Boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh

Nyonisela Sioh took to the streets of social media with a message about negativity after his wife, Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh, sued his new girlfriend, NeNe Leakes.

In the lawsuit, Malomineaccuses NeNe of sleeping with her husband while they were still married and causing the collapse of their marriage. 

Malomine also claims she was humiliated when NeNe posted photos of herself boo’d up with Nyonisela.

As of result of NeNe and Nyonisela’s relationship, Malomine says she suffered emotional distress, mental anguish, and a loss of affection. 

Nyonisela Sioh posted a photo of himself and NeNe with the caption: 

The best u can do to urself in life’s not to allow negative people to bring u down to their level; just maintain ur self respect and keep away from them. 

Now that u can’t hangout with negative people and expect to live a positive life.

Don’t forget that the less u respond to negative people, like my separated….the more peaceful ur life will become.

Always surround urself with people who value ur worth and if someone doesn’t appreciate ur presence, the best u can do is let them appreciate ur absence. 

Avoid the ingrates, those who complain about one thing u haven’t done for them instead of being appreciative for the thousands of things u’ve done for them. 

Leave them to stew in their ingratitude, but don’t hate them. 

Just maintain ur focus and don’t stress. #stayfocused

He has since deleted the post. 

See the screenshot courtesy of TSR.

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