Deion Sanders may have to amputate left foot

I’m so disheartened to report Deion Sanders may have to have to get his left foot amputated due to ongoing issues with blood flow. 

You may recall that the NFL Hall of Famer had his left big toe and second toe amputated in 2021 due to blood clots that developed after routine surgery. 

In a newly released video of a meeting with his medical team, Deion Sanders, who is now the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes football team, revealed he’s still experiencing pain and numbness in the same foot. 

The 55-year-old football legend explained, “I don’t have feeling in the bottom of my foot at all.”

Deion Sanders meeting with medical team

Coach Prime is trying to figure out his options so he can get it over with to be ready for the season. 

“I just want to know what we could do because I want to do it this summer. When we get rolling, I’m not gonna have time to do it,” he said.

Vascular surgeon Donald Jacobs told Deion Sander, “You just have to understand what the risks are. Things can cascade.”

Max Wohlauer, another vascular surgeon, then explained that the blood pressure measured in Sanders’ lower leg has declined.

“So those arteries have shut down,” Wohlauer said.

Deion Sanders shared a clip of the video via Instagram writing: 

As you know I’ve faced some medical challenges with my foot but I’ve never said “WHY ME” – I keep moving forward, progressing . . .

See you never know what a person may be going through while I sit in your seat of judgment but you can trust and believe that we are all going through something – just keep the faith and know that if He brought you to it, He will bring you through it . .

I’m CoachPrime and I’m built for this. #Coach Prime

I have full trust in my medical team and God Bless, Dr. Ken Hunt (orthopedic surgeon); Dr. Donald Jacobs (vascular surgeon); Dr. Max Wohlauer (vascular surgeon) and @laurenjaskevold Lauren Askevold – and more importantly I have full trust in Jesus!

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Sending love and prayers for total healing to Deion Sanders 

God is able.

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