Keri Hilson recently posted a photo on Instagram that she claims brought her to the realization that she has a Georgia peach in her backyard.

She captioned her post:

Well damn. Sometimes it takes seeing a pic to know what you holdin’ back there. ??

While most commenters didn’t hesitate to agree with Keri, every positive charge has to have a negative charge to balance things out.

There was a commenter that wasn’t feeling the pic or Keri’s caption and chose keystroke violence.

It really don’t look that big tbh.

Keri Hilson clapped back:

Well it’s mine.

Body positivity and self-love are huge topics in our world today, and Keri’s picture and caption are a great representation of both.

See Keri Hilson’s original IG post below:

Scoop some comments below:

Keri Hilson comment 1.
Keri Hilson comment 2.
Keri Hilson comment 3.

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