Pittsburgh police is asking anyone with information on the fan fight between a Black male and a White male and female to call 412-323-7800.

The fight took place in the stands at Heinz Field on Saturday (Aug. 21), during the Week 2 Preseason game.

At the beginning of the now viral video, the Black man appears to be talking to the White man sitting next to the White woman, but the woman is in the Black man’s face yelling at him.

The woman tells the Black man to “Get the f**k out!”, and the man responds, “Don’t touch me!”

She then pushes the Black man’s hands away with her left hand and slaps him across his face with her right hand, as bystanders gasp.

The Black man instinctively cocks his left arm back as if he is going to hit the woman, but it appears he quickly registered in his mind that she is a woman so he pump fakes the punch.

The White guy then jumps up and pushes the Black man, and the Black man adjust his glasses and proceeds to molly wop the White guy rendering him unconscious at one point.

The Black man appears to also punch the White woman as she re-joins the fight.

Some bystanders then come over to break up the fight, and the crowd yells to them that the White woman started it by slapping the Black man first.

Watch the video below:

Reportedly, Pittsburgh police are “actively working with Heinz Field Security on the matter.”

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Source: TMZ