Five Georgia men who were staying at an Airbnb, were arrested on multiple drug charges for pressing over 30,000 pills.

The homeowner went to check on the property and found the five men, who overstayed their lease, acting suspicious.

So, she called the police.

Officer Chuck McPhilamy said it looked like a scene out of “Breaking Bad” inside the home.

He also stated that the five suspects were clearly under the influence from either not wearing respirators while they were pressing the pills or ingesting their own product.

The police confiscated:

  • 35 pounds of Xanax (approximately 32,000 pills)
  • 6.5 pounds of Oxycodone Hydrochloride (approximately 7,000 pills)
  • 1 Glock hand gun
  • $7,700 in cash
  • 2 pill presses
  • Various components used to manufacture narcotics

The five Georgia men were arrested and taken to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.

Watch the CBS46 news report below:

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Source: CBS46