Colin Kaepernick To Pay For 2nd Autopsy For LaShawn Thompson, Georgia Inmate Eaten Alive By Bed Bugs

Colin Kaepernick is helping a family in need of answers by paying for the second independent autopsy to find out the cause of Georgia inmate LaShawn Thompson’s death.

LaShawn was found dead in his Fulton County Jail cell covered in bed bugs and other insects on September 13, 2022.

His family believes the deplorable living conditions caused his death, but the official autopsy came back “undetermined.”

See pictures of LaShawn’s Fulton County Jail cell below:

LaShawn Thompson's Fulton County Jail cell pic 1.
LaShawn Thompson's Fulton County Jail cell pic 2.

Colin Kaepernick heard about the story, contacted the family lawyer, and offered to pay for a second independent autopsy.

LaShawn Thompson’s family held a news conference last week, revealing that LaShawn suffered from mental issues and was being held in the psychiatric wing at the time of his death.

According to reports, LaShawn was arrested for misdemeanor simply battery on June 12, 2022, and he was placed in the Fulton County Jail and later transferred to the psychiatric wing due to his mental health issues.

The family is asking that criminal charges be filed in the case and the deplorable Fulton County Jail is closed.

Michael Harper, the family’s attorney, made the following statements at the news conference:

There is no excuse for a mentally ill inmate to be left alone in a jail abandoned to die.

We have jail reports showing they saw Mr. Thompson deteriorating.

The medical staff and the officers saw him deteriorating in the last few weeks before he died.

They did nothing to help him.

We are asking for Fani Willis, the D.A. of Fulton County, to launch a criminal investigation into the death of LaShawn Thompson.

And we are also asking for the Fulton County Commissioners to close the jail and to build a new one.

Reportedly, LaShawn’s relatives live out of state, and they did not know he was in jail until after his death.

According to a spokesman with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, LaShawn’s death is still under investigation.

Since his death, the agency has spent $500,000 to address the infestation of bed bugs, lice, and other vermin within the Fulton County Jail, and updated protocols for security rounds to include addressing sanitary conditions.

LaShawn’s family said they expect to file a civil suit at some point.

Watch the “FOX 5 Atlanta” news report below:

Shout out to Colin Kaepernick for stepping up for LaShawn Thompson’s family.

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Source: TMZ

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