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Colin Kaepernick To Publish Book Calling For The Abolishment Of The Police

Colin Kaepernick is making his stance on policing in America clear with the title of his new book “Abolition for the People: The Movement for a Future Without Policing & Prisons.”

The book features 30 essays, including one from Kap, arguing for the abolition of policing and prisons.

Kap edited the book, and it will be available in hard copy, audiobook, and e-book formats.

According to a source familiar with the book, Kap wants to have his readers reimagine and reenvision keeping communities safe without a militarized police presence.

Kap stated:

The omnipresent threat of premature death at the hands, knees, chokeholds, tasers, and guns of law enforcement has only further engrained its anti-Black foundation into the institutions of policing.

In order to eradicate anti-Blackness, we must also abolish the police. The abolition of one without the other is impossible.

Do you agree with Colin Kaepernick?

Source: TMZ

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