Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (YouTube)

On Friday, an Atlanta judge ruled that Fani Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, could proceed with prosecuting former President Donald J. Trump and his allies in Georgia. 

However, this could only happen if her former romantic partner, Nathan Wade, withdrew from the case. 

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Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton Superior Court’s decision balanced between removing Ms. Willis for a conflict of interest, as defense lawyers had requested, and fully vindicating her. 

The judge criticized her for dating Mr. Wade, whom she had appointed as a special prosecutor, describing it as a “tremendous lapse in judgment.”

Watch the ABC News report below. 

Fani Willis and her office did not respond immediately to the judge’s ruling. 

Due to mounting delays, the case is now unlikely to proceed to trial before the 2024 presidential election, where Donald Trump is expected to be the Republican nominee.

Trump and his co-defendants, along with DA Willis, could appeal the judge’s ruling, leading to further delays and indefinite resolution of the matter.

Additionally, the state’s Republican-led Senate is reviewing the conflict-of-interest accusations.

Lawmakers have authorized a new oversight commission to investigate and potentially remove prosecutors.

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Source: NY Times