JT on In Real Life with Angie Martinez

Twitter is applauding Angie Martinez‘s recent interview with JT of the City Girls on her new podcast series, “IRL” (In Real Life).

JT, whose Jatavia Johnson, looked absolutely beautiful and was very open, honest, and candid during her discussion with Angie.

The 30-year-old City Girls rapper, who spent more than a year behind bars for credit card fraud, revealed that she thought she was exempt from going to jail.

She went on to explain why she believes she ultimately ended up in prison.

My mom, my brother, and my sister – on my mom’s side – they all have been in prison and I thought I was exempt.

I thought it couldn’t happen to me.

It’s like all my friends are scamming and none of them went to jail.

I thought I was untouchable. I thought I was going to be out here in my Chanel bags, my Gucci, and I thought I was going to get away with it.

I thought I was going to keep going to people’s stores as other people and get my sh*t and I was going to live my best life.

But, God had something bigger for me. You know?

So, it was like…I feel that’s the reason I went to prison.

JT, who won’t hesitate to clap back at anyone in these social media streets, feels like the internet has painted her out to be an “angry Black girl.” 

She told Angie Martinez, “I feel like the internet has painted me as like this angry Black girl. Like, ‘She always mad. She always got an attitude.’”

“That really bothers me because it’s like y’all don’t even know me. I could be joking, I could just be talking, I could just be having an opinion and defending myself and I’m the mad one, I’m the crazy one, I’m the rude one, I’m the nasty one.”

A few months ago, JT and Cardi B were font-fighting in the streets of Twitter

In the nearly 90-minute interview, JT discusses the City Girls, finding love with Lil Uzi Vert, and more. 

Watch the full interview below. 

Both JT and Angie Martinez are trending on Twitter as fans react to and applaud the interview.

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