Chrisean Rock changing baby's name
Chrisean Rock and her baby boy via Instagram

Chrisean Rock recently returned to social media and addressed negative comments about her son, Chrisean Jesus Malone, Jr., in a video.

Since Chrisean welcomed her baby boy, both have faced scrutiny: her for parenting, and speculation about the baby’s developmental and health issues.

In a recent Instagram Live, Chrisean Rock made it very clear that she “rebukes” every negative thought and word regarding her son.

My child is blessed,” she said.

Chrisean added, “Who is y’all to tell me what he’s diagnosed with, what he look like, and what he sounds like?” 

“I rebuke everything y’all saying about my child…to be honest.”

For the record, Chrisean Rock said, “No, he is not blind. No, he is not ret—. He’s a f—g child.”

My baby is blessed from his head to his toe. Y’all forgot when he got dedicated on the seventh day?

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Watch a portion of the Instagram Live below. 

Innocent children are and should always remain off-limits. 

Send love and prayers instead of criticism and cruelty.

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