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Tamar Braxton is clearing the air after she was accused of shading K. Michelle while discussing artists who shouldn’t be singing “Black Country Music” because they sound “awful.”

Toni Braxton’s baby sister made the remarks when she was a guest on the “We Sound Crazy” podcast.

Was Tamar Braxton Shading K. Michelle?

After praising Beyoncé for the Cowboy Carter album, Tamar said, “There was a couple of people who should not have been singing country Black music…that was awful. And it was concerning for me.

Watch the clip below.

Twitter instinctively assumed Tamar Braxton was firing a shot at her long-time nemesis K. Michelle.

Someone tweeted, “So Tamar giving Beyoncé her flowers but in the same breath shading K. Michelle? Now when K takes it to Sesame Street she gone start crying.”

Another person tweeted, “Tamar’s not talking about K. Michelle. We’ve been down that road before, and I’m sure neither wants to revisit that.”

That’s when Tamar Braxton entered the chat to set the record straight. 

She tweeted:

I absolutely was not!! I said a FEW artists! I paid homage to Beyonce 4bringing positive attention to country music.

There are people who i don’t address n don’t mention/shade to keep mess away… where was all this chatter when my song went #1.

I mind my business and go to work.

See Tamar’s tweet below.

K. Michelle Seemingly Reacts To Tamar Braxton’s Alleged Shade

K. Michelle, who is currently working on her country album, took to Twitter and seemingly responded to the chatter by writing: 

Imagine you keep playing with someone who’s minding the business, then BOOM.

They sick of you😏 One tweet and screenshot and it’s over 4ya

I don’t pull stunts Raggedy Ann, I pull cards.

See her original tweets below.

Tamar Braxton offered this response: 

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Let me buckle up now cause babaaaaay 2024 is showing out!

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