Chrisean Rock Calls Out Summer Walker For Mocking Her

Chrisean Rock took to her Instagram account to call out Summer Walker for supporting her in private and mocking her in public.

On Thursday (October 26) Chrisean went on IG Live and said:

You were very insensitive!

And then not like that, but you was one of the females reaching out in my DMs saying, ‘Girl, I love you. If you ever need help our support… I encourage you to stay pos, like…

You one of them, but you just mocked me on TikTok, and went viral, like…

So, like, my feelings was, like, ja hurt, but I swear this industry is cold as… very cutthroat, very clout-driven.

She even said it on her story, but it’s just like, bro if I did the same…

Watch Chrisean Rock on IG Live below:

Watch the Summer Walker mocking videos below:

Summer Walker responded to the backlash from her mocking videos by telling people not to take her humor too serious.

She said she forgets how famous she is.

She also said her favorite comedians are Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, and Katt Williams because they say whatever they want, and she realizes that she’s dealing with a generation that doesn’t understand how to laugh and move on.

Summer Walker wrote in some since-deleted messages on FB:

-please do not to take my humor to serious. My favorite comedians are Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor, & Katt Williams, they say —- and don’t give af. I know this generation doesn’t understand how to actually just laugh n move on but yeah.

-I really be forgetting I’m famous af. 2 million people make a tik tok or say the same joke everyone else said but I do it people butt hurt.

-Sensitive about a tik tok that was viral way before I did it but you aint have no sympathy when you be dragging ——- across the ground and dumbing —- in sinks just for looking at you funny. Let’s please tighten up it was never that serious.

Chrisean said on TikTok that she told Summer, “I thought you was realer than that. That TikTok was offensive.”

She said Summer asked her if she wanted her to take the videos down.

Watch Chrisean talk about the conversation she had with Summer below:

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