Erykah Badu Expresses Her Love For Summer Walker

Erykah Badu recently expressed her love for Summer Walker on Instagram by posting an emotional video of her performing at the 2022 Wireless Festival.

During the performance, Summer broke down in tears from the support she was receiving as the audience sang along to her song, “Session 32.” 

She explained to the crowd that she really appreciates them, and she was dealing with a lot of hormones at the time, being pregnant.

I really appreciate y’all.

You know I’m pregnant so my hormones, you know, but y’all just showed me so much love… I’ve never got love like this London, I really appreciate that so I need y’all to just help me make it through.

I really do appreciate y’all. Let’s start over.

Erykah Badu may have just recently seen the video clip because she reposted it on her Instagram along with the caption:

I love you so much . @summerwalker they don’t know what it is mama. You a real one.

See Erykah Badu’s original IG post below:

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The love between the two artists is mutual because Summer Walker has publicly expressed that Erykah Badu is her idol.

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