Will Smith Reveals He Went On A Date With Pepa

Will Smith welcomed Salt-N-Pepa as guests on his new podcast, “Class of 88,” and recalled the time he and Pepa went on a date. 

Will Smith & Pepa’s Date

Pepa, whose real name is Sandra Denton, was hesitant about strolling down memory lane until Will gave her the green light saying, “We’re allowed to talk about it! So we’ve matured! We ain’t do nothing…

That’s when the iconic rapper and “Growing Up Hip Hop” star gave Will Smith credit for being “very nice” on their date. 

Pepa said during their drive in Los Angeles to the Hollywood sign, Will stopped and gave a homeless man $100. 

The date apparently occurred when Pepa and Treach (Anthony Criss) of Naughty By Nature were “off” during their seven-year on-again-off-again relationship. 

Will admitted that he tried to “spit game” during their date, but noted that “he didn’t have any.” 

He also confessed, “My concern was that I was gonna get killed.

Salt reassured Will that he had “a legit concern.”

Watch the awkwardly funny clip below. 

Pepa & Treach

For the record, Pepa and Treach welcomed their daughter, Egypt Criss, in 1998 and tied the knot in July 1999.

The marriage was short-lived and they divorced in 2001.

In her memoir, “Let’s Talk About Pep,” Pepa claimed she endured years of cheating and physical abuse from Treach.

Treach has denied being abusive towards Pepa and stated they had an open marriage.

Treach - Pepa

In fact, he claimed they divorced after Pepa fell in love with a woman she had on the side.

Will Smith - Jada Pinkett Smith
Michael Tran/AFP

Will Smith married Jada Pinkett Smith in 1997 and we recently learned they were separated since 2016…that is – until Oscars night.

Treach Reacts

Treach took to his Instagram page to react to Will Smith and Pepa’s stroll down memory lane.

The “O.P.P.” rapper wrote, “KEEP MY NAME CONCERNING MY EX-B— OUT YO F— MOUTH”!! 😂 😂 😂

Treach responds to Will Smith

Social Media Reactions

Social media is also reacting to the news of Will and Pepa’s date.

Check out a few Twitter (X) reactions below.

The comments on Will Smith’s Instagram page were also poppin…

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Respectfully, do you think Will Smith and Pepa could have made a good couple?

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