Tommie Lee apologize to Chris Brown

Tommie Lee of “Baddies West” is trending in the streets of Twitter following an incident involving Chris Brown‘s team and his 3-year-old son, Aeko Catori Brown.

According to “Bad Girls Club” alum Natalie Nunn, who secured backstage passes for Breezy’s “Under the Influence” Tour in Manchester, Tommie either attempted to speak to or approach Aeko and someone slammed the door shut in her face.

From there, all hell broke loose.

Natalie, celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Wright, and Rollie (“Baddies South“) quickly took to the streets of social media to spill the tea to the public.

Tommie Lee took to Instagram to give her own account of what transpired backstage and things went from bad to worse.

She said:

Tommie ain’t do nothing but say it’s a baby and a b**ch slammed the door in my face quickly.

It ain’t no pressure, b**ch cool. I know how I am ’bout my kids.

You ain’t want nobody to see your baby cool. I don’t give no f**k about no motherf**king baby.

F**k your baby and f**k his daddy too. The f**k. Really?

I ain’t pressed ’bout no motherf**king baby.

F**k him. All y’all look albino as f**k. F**k all y’all motherf**kers. B***h, that baby look like he got a lil’ something going on with him.

I’m scared of the baby, b**ch. Them eyes cock like a pistol, b**bh.

I don’t care about that baby.

Rollie took to social media writing:

It’s the fact she had us in some bull last night over her drinking tried to bust down the door where Chris Brown son was with his grandmother.

Then, n***as went crazy and soon as ish went left Tommie wanna scream and shout (F Chris Brown baby) then left! And we had to deal with it.

Then, wanna say she ain’t do it. Look if the liquor be having y’all like this done don’t f**king drink.

See video clips of Tommie’s egregious rant, as well as the recap of the tomfoolery courtesy of Natalie, Rollie, and Jonathan via TSR.

After her horrible comments about Chris Brown’s son, Tommie Lee’s Instagram page disappeared.

She took to her Kilt Frames IG to get a few more things off of her chest.

Oh pls I wish I would let y’all run me off the internet year right the hater did what they do and my sh*t took!

I love when the whole world against me it actually makes me feel closer to God!!!

Tommie Lee denies deleting her Instagram after remarks about Chris Brown's son

Earlier this month, Chris Brown proudly shared that he was taking his son, Aeko, on the European leg of his “Under the Influence” Tour and even shared a photo of them boarding their private jet.

I don’t fault him one bit for ensuring the safety of his child especially if Tommie is nearby.

Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn are in the United Kingdom for their Zeus pay-per-view fight, which is slated to take place on Saturday, February 25th at the O2 Arena.

Prior to the Chris Brown incident, Tommie, who was wearing scrubs, posted and then deleted a video of herself attacking Natalie from behind.

Tommie captioned her post:

I came in telling them I no longer wanna work with this network and I’m currently a CNA, but I learned that a outsider was speaking on my business and that only happens when a insider told them.
Thank God for my @cscrubs_with_love_llc being so adorable and comfy.
get your tickets #sh*tgotreal #tommiesh*t #bestscrubsintheworld

Tommie Lee is currently trending on Twitter as social media reacts to her latest instances of top-tier tomfoolery.

Read a few tweets below.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Tommie Lee issued an apology to Chris Brown and Aeko’s mother, Ammika Harris.

Last night, you know in defense mode, I just want to apologize to Chris Brown and his baby’s mother because that’s not my character. 

Watch the apology video below.

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