Last week’s “Put A Ring on It” teaser had fans on the edge of their seats as Kai exposed that Darion slept with her, and this week they sat down face-to-face.

In typical reality TV fashion, they saved the most anticipated scene until the end of the show.

Kai clearly came to the table to hold Darion accountable for his actions.

She gave him a piece of a handshake before she sat down and asked him why she hadn’t heard from him in 10 days.

Darion goes on to explain that he’s been focused on working things out with his girlfriend Lex, and they are in a peaceful place since he stop going on dates with Kai.

Kai didn’t take too kindly to that explanation, but she hears him out a little more before she lays everything out on the table.

Watch the video below:

Cheers to closure!