The upcoming episode of “Put A Ring On It” Season 2 is looking like it’s going to be epic.

Darion and his lady, Alexia, seemed to have rekindled their relationship and gotten back on good terms on the last episode, but the preview to the upcoming episode was jaw-dropping.

Darion Crawford is a rapper, he is better known as Smoke from Field Mob, and his lady Alexia put her professional international basketball career on hold to focus more on her relationship with Darion.

The couple has been on and off for 14 years, and they decided to take part in a nine week show (“Put A Ring On It‘) in which they date other people to test their love to see if they are ready for a forever commitment.

Darion was instantly attracted to the first person he dated, Kai, a 32-year-old entrepreneur.

Watch the clip below of Darion describing Kai to his lady Alexia:

Darion went on four dates with Kai, and their chemistry grew to the point that Kai gave him an ultimatum.

He chose to stay with his lady, Alexia and on the next episode he has to break the news to Kai.

In the preview to the upcoming episode, Kai is visibly upset upon hearing the news that he chose Alexia over her, and she drops a verbal bomb.

Well, you wasn’t worried about her when you slept with me.

Darion could only respond with a, “Umm!”

Watch the upcoming episode preview clip below:

Darion is in trouble!

This is the first time in “Put A Ring On It” history that an intimate date has been exposed.

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  1. This Coonbooger deserves to be with Mr. ED, Lexi move on Honey, follow what you love and watch real Live find you. He was a waste of a decade of your progress. Be Gone Smoke the joke rapper

  2. Alexis you have so much to give yourself an even more to someone else who is really worthy of you. If you really are gone Darion will go back and get Cai and she will think she has the trophy while she definitely is no prize. He will be cheating on her in no time because that is how she came into his life. Two dates with a man who is in a relationship already and you open your legs????????‍♀️ Cai you had your 15 minutes of bad fame!

  3. Alexia check on your self esteem. When a man show you who he is the first time, believe him!
    Darien has wasted enough of your time, move on from him sweetheart, don’t waste another minute with him… you’ve given him enough of U and your life…close that chapter… Cut your losses and refuse to give him any more of your precious time
    Expeditiously End It!

  4. Alexia!! You are a BOSS..I am so sorry.. Darion does not deserve you. You’re absolutely beautiful, smart and the men are standing in line for you. I know it hurts but God cans mend that heart. Have faith and trust. This is from an OG!! A mother and grandmother.. duce’s Darion..

  5. Yesssss!!! I hope and pray Alexia leaves Darion! I’ve been praying for it this whole time. Something about him speaks unfaithfulness! He proved me right, Move on girl, so you can find your husband and have that family you want!

  6. I’m not surprised by this at all. But let’s be real here, the premise of the show definitely sets the tone for this type of outcome. I do hope Alexia cuts her losses. She can do wayyyy better than him, period!

  7. I hope Alexia is ready to move on when she finds out about Darien’s cheating. It ain’t that much love. His actions have spoken louder than words. Stand strong Alexia!

  8. Alexia DESERVES so much better!! Darion is not ready for a mature relationship, and has proven that being faithful is not in his DNA! And besides that, he’s not even cute!! ????

  9. Alexia should cut her losses now! Darian is not ready for a committed situation. She’s a very attractive woman and will certainly have no problem meeting other people who are on the same page.

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