'Put A Ring On It': Alfonso Goes All Out With His Proposal To Shay

Alfonzo went all out on the season finale of “Put A Ring On It” season 3 with his proposal to his lady Shay, but are they still together?

Alfonzo spared no expense, he took Shay up in a helicopter, and they flew to a private hangar where he had a beautiful layout with rose petals leading to a round table with chairs fit for a king and a queen.

He expressed how much he loves her and how appreciative he is for going through the process because it helped their relationship.

He briefly reflected on his first Vegas proposal, and he acknowledged that things didn’t work out then because they were not ready.

He then proposed for the second time, and Shay happily accepted.

It was a beautiful moment, and they were an easy couple to root for out of the three couples on the show because they made the most progress throughout the season.

Watch the video clip below:

It seemed like Alfonzo and Shay were headed for a beautiful life together until the scene ended and the “Put A Ring On It” season 3 reunion preview came on.

Judging by the reunion preview, Alfonzo and Shay separated due to Alfonzo’s infidelities, but it is unclear if they are now back together.

Watch the “Put A Ring On It” preview below:


As you can see from the preview, Alfonzo is not the only one that got exposed at the reunion.

Alfonzo’s line of work can be a strain on a relationship, but at the proposal, he sounded like a man who was ready to commit.

He revealed earlier in the season that he works for Rick Ross, and his IG page states that he is an Entertainment Executive at MMG (Maybach Music Group).

He and Ross look like they can be related.

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