Chaz on 'Ready To Love' Season 9 (Courtesy of OWN)

Somebody get Nephew Tommy on the line because the ladies of “Ready To Love” Season 9 didn’t deserve the crop of men they were presented – especially Chaz! 

Chaz is a 47-year-old Bank Data and Analytics Senior Manager, according to OWN but who analyzed his data and thought he was a good idea for this show?

His red flags were flagging like it was International Flag Day. 

Chaz apparently makes an impressive coin and he has his own home, which some of the ladies considered a plus in the stability department. 

But, that’s about it. 

Not only did Chaz claim he made a connection with all 11 women who were on the show this season – when there were only 10 women – he had a meltdown on the cast getaway and ran home faster than a woman on “Maury” who found out he is “not the father.” 

Vanessa (Courtesy of OWN)

Chaz seemingly made a connection with Vanessa, a beautiful 35-year-old flight attendant. 

But, after she didn’t coddle him during his meltdown, he felt some kind of way and shifted his energy toward Patrice, who was doing the lord’s work and showed him empathy.

Chaz – The ‘Ready To Love’ King Of Corny

On the “Ready To Love” Season 9 finale, Chaz and Vanessa met up to decide if they were going to choose each other or themselves. 

Vanessa radiated beauty as Chaz arrived, bearing a bouquet of flowers.

He sported a charming ensemble reminiscent of a Banana Republic Universoul Circus clown, complete with vibrant suspenders.

Vanessa, Chaz on “Ready To Love” Season 9 (Courtesy of OWN)

After exchanging pleasantries, Vanessa informed Chaz that she was going to choose herself. 

He followed her lead by claiming he was planning to choose himself as well.

Then, Chaz pulled what may be one of the corniest moves in “Ready To Love” history.

He told Vanessa:

So, the flowers that I brought today…I know you love sunflowers.

But, I also brought a petrified flower to illustrate that the love and care that I had for you it’s died. 

Vanessa let that man be “strange” and she went on about her way like a true queen.

Watch the super corny moment below.

Karma was waiting in the cut because Chaz ultimately chose Patrice, who turned him down. 

Social Media Reacts

Fans of the show took to their timelines to react and share their thoughts on Chaz’s antics, behavior, and stunts.

Read a few tweets below.

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Hopefully, Season 10 of “Ready To Love” will offer a higher quality of men for the ladies to choose from. 

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