'Ready To Love’: It Goes Down In The Ladies' Lounge As Janelle & Taquilla Argue Over Habibi

In Season 8, Episode 2 of “Ready To Love,” things got intense at the first Ladies’ Lounge as Janelle and Taquilla almost came to blows while arguing over Habibi.

In the Lounge, Taquilla was one of the few women defending Habibi’s antics.

At this point of the show, Habibi had developed a reputation for being immature, rude, and exhibiting clownish behavior.

When Taquilla was asked who she was connecting with she said:

Habibi, he really is a good guy, like, he’s in school doing IT, he has a military background.

He also DJs, like, he spends time with his kids, he travels a lot…

Before she could go any further, she was interrupted by Janelle, who said:

Habibi is an authentic clown, and this is not daycare.

As the Ladies’ Lounge continued, Sierra revealed that Habibi said to her “your mother ain’t sh*t!”

Janelle also revealed that she was done with Habibi after he made a sexual comment toward her.

Host Tommy Miles took the sexual comment very seriously, and he encouraged the women to speak up immediately if something like that was to happen again.

Tommy then said, “Who the f*** say some sh*t like that?”

To which Janelle responded, “They top!” throwing a verbal shot at Tanquilla.

From there, the argument was ignited, and Tanquilla accused Janelle of giving Habibi a certain kind of energy for him to disrespect her.

As the argument intensified, the woman started throwing verbal jabs at one another and Tanquilla started clapping her hands as she got up out of her seat saying, “I’m really bout this life.”

Tanquilla stood up and said, “Okay, run it then!”

Security escorted Tanquilla out of the room before things got physical.

Watch the clip of Janelle and Taquilla getting into it the first Ladies’ Lounge from S8, E2 of “Ready To Love” below:

At the end of the episode Sierra met with Habibi and told him that the women voted in the Ladies’ Lounge that he was not “Ready To Love,” and he left the show.

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