Carmelo Anthony had a heckler removed from the arena on Thursday night (January 27) for calling him “boy”.

The incident took place inside the Wells Fargo Center, as the Philadelphia 76ers were hosting the Los Angeles Lakers.

The fan appeared to be heckling Melo throughout the game, but that trigger word is what sent Melo to the stands to get some straightening.

Watch the video below:

The irony of the situation is the White heckler that called Melo “boy” left the arena with a Black man.

Judging by the optics, they appear to be friends, and they may have come to the game together.

As the two Sixers fans were being escorted out of the arena, a Mr. Me Too figured he’d get a piece of the action as well.

Melo addressed the incident at the post game-press conference, and he said he doesn’t have a problem being heckled by fans, but you don’t cross certain lines as a man.

Twitter, never being one to miss out on a kerfuffle, made sure to chime in.

Scoop the tweets below:

I 100% agree with Carmelo Anthony on this one.