A West Philadelphia Lyft driver shot two men who were attempting to carjack him while he had a female passenger inside his Infinity SUV.

According to the news report, the incident occurred in broad daylight with many eyewitnesses around.

The Lyft driver’s Infinity SUV was bumped, from behind, twice by two men in a Honda.

When the Lyft driver got out to see what was going on, one of the men got out of the Honda with an automatic rifle and pointed it at him.

The Lyft driver pleaded with the gunman to let him get his female passenger out of the backseat.

The gunman obliges, but when he got in the car the Lyft driver, who has a permit to carry, pulled his gun.

The gunman pulled off, but the Lyft driver shot him through the driver’s side window of the SUV, hitting him twice in the torso.

The SUV stopped three blocks away and the carjacker fells out of the vehicle.

The Lyft driver then turned to the Honda and shot the second guy through the passenger side of the vehicle.

The Honda driver made it two blocks in the opposite direction, after making a u-turn, and then he collapsed.

Is this Lyft driver an ex-sniper?…

Watch the Fox 29 Philadelphia news report below:

Shouts out to the Philadelphia Lyft Driver for saving the day and potentially two lives.

ICC Friends, please be cautious and aware while you’re on the road.