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Ray J took to the streets of Instagram on Saturday night and aired Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian out like a tire with a nail in it!

Brandy‘s brother was hot as a pot of grits at Al Green’s house when he went on Instagram Live with an abundance of receipts to prove he didn’t leak his infamous sex tape with Kim.

He actually conspired with her and her mama to release the video in an effort to boost her fame and popularity.

Ray J was triggered by Kris’s appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” where she took a lie detector test and denied having a hand in the release of the tape.

That’s when all bets were off and Ray Jr. came to the streets of social media fully equipped with text messages, DMs, and contracts to clear his name once and for all.

Whew! We had a time last night!

Currently, all three parties: Ray J, Kris Jenner, and Kim Kardashian are trending on Twitter as the masses react to the shenanigans and tomfoolery.

Get into a few tweets below.

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