Rapper, actor, and accused rapist Kaalan Walker is speaking out on a new track titled, “Something To Say,” and he’s targeting Kehlani.

Kaalan is dissing Kehlani because she is publicly standing with the women who have accused him of sexually assaulting them.

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In the song, Kaalan raps:

I can’t believe I’m coming for Kehlani next/Why do you involve yourself – this not your mess/If you want to be petty, trust me I do it best/We used to be in love, now you switchin plans/Got damn, you were the downfall to every Black man/You are not my God/You don’t have the right to determine things/You started this sh*t I’mma finish /Let’s acknowledge things

He went on to add…

Oh, why can’t we get along/Don’t you ever disrespect the man that wrote your songs/I dare you to call me a liar, you uninspired/Your ghostwriters got ghostwriters/Your situation feels like I done seen it before/First, Tory [Lanez] now me mmhm /Now, I get it, of course/This next line gone melt you/Don’t do it, Bryson Tiller can’t help you

Kaalan Walker went on to say Kehlani claimed she was pregnant by him.

You was feeling me/You saw my d**k in my sweatpants and couldn’t manage/You remember that night girl, we was doing damage/You wanted me, she wanted more/Said you were pregnant so we argued in the liquor store/I know that had you feeling pissed/You been talking down the line on me ever since

Lastly, Kaalan pointed out he hasn’t been convicted…he’s a “Black man falsely accused – there’s a difference.” 

Listen to the song below if you care to.

Well, let’s see if he can rap his way out of those 9 felony counts…

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